Solutions Valves and Instrumentation


Valvitalia (which represent in Venezuela, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire) provides:

Valves On / Off type ball, globe, plug (Plug), gate (Gate), Check, Butterfly (Butterfly), Pressure Seal. Includes valves for high temperature applications, cryogenic and underwater.

Emergency Valves (Safety Shut-Off, Safety Relief).

Gas filters (KO Drum, Scrubber, Cartridge, Vane Mist Extractor, Dual Stage).

Regulating stations and gas measurement.

Units of gas odorant.

Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube, Indirect Water Bath Heater, Electric Heater).

Actuators Gas-over-oil, gas direct, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric submarines.

Pipes, fittings and elbows.

Team launch and trap hogs (pigs).

These products are included under the brands: Valvitalia, Tormene, Vitas, Diversified Energy Products, Thevignot vanadour, Tecnoforge, Rotor VS, Dyna-Lok and Delta Valves Europe.